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All You Need To Know About Asbestos

CNTContractors/ December 21, 2017/ House & Garden

Share Tweet Pin 0shares When you hear someone talk of asbestos, generally the first thing that comes to your mind is the picture of such sheets used as roofs for houses. It has many properties it possesses. From being heat and fire resistant to sound absorption and being affordable. And so it is no wonder that it is used in

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What Should You Consider When Gifting A Floral Bouquet?

CNTContractors/ August 28, 2017/ House & Garden

Gifting floral bouquets give an amazing feeling to anyone on the receiving end. It makes you feel cherished and loved. The best part of it is that, it doesn’t have to be particularly limited to a certain gender but is common to all, given that you do consider what kinds of florals you add as part of your bouquet. Just

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Things To Know About Designing An Interior The Right Way

CNTContractors/ July 13, 2017/ House & Garden

The interior of your house decides on the quality of your life, your mentality and many other aspects of your lifestyle. You need to make sure that you design the interior in the best possible manner because if not, you will not be able to live up to your expectations. There are different kinds of things that you can do

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Offerings Of A Swedish Home Brand

CNTContractors/ June 26, 2017/ House & Garden

If you are looking for home décor items that are minimalist and modern, Ikea is a renowned brand to look at. Their items took the world by storm from the forties when they started to offer items that could be easily assembled at a customer site. Till then the concept of bulky items being bought and carried over to a

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