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A Guide To Buying Second Hand Furniture

CNTContractors/ October 16, 2014/ Home Makeover & Maintainance

Most people wouldn’t think it is a fact but completely furnishing a new place is very expensive – especially when buying all the furniture new. However for those who cannot afford new furniture or do not want to finance new furniture, the next option is usually to buy second hand. There are a number of different channels in place that

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What to consider when buying artificial grass

CNTContractors/ October 9, 2014/ Home Makeover & Maintainance

In the past synthetic turf Sydney was only used for golf courses and football fields. The trend has however gone beyond the fields as more people are using it on their residential properties mainly to help solve their landscaping problems. There are many types of artificial grass in the market as much technological advancement has been made over time. Just

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Alien Convention

CNTContractors/ September 1, 2014/ Home Makeover & Maintainance

That might as well be what you are going to, if you decide to do a bit of DYI plastering Preston, you will look like something that belongs at a sci-fi convention. It is recommended that when plastering to wear safety gear, this includes dust mask, goggles and I always wear a bandana or a scarf over my hair just

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High Quality Handyman Services For Your Household Needs

CNTContractors/ April 16, 2014/ Home Makeover & Maintainance

Repair work around the house can prove to be a tiresome affair for you to engage in. This is where handyman services can prove to be rather useful especially if you are a working professional and looking into the needs and requirements of the home is not an activity that you can afford to pay your time and attention to.

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Installing Gutter Guards at Your Home for Safety from Water

CNTContractors/ March 21, 2014/ Home Makeover & Maintainance

Gutter guards cannot be overlooked if you want a clean and healthy house. Water from the rains can become stagnated if there is dirt, leaves and other material in the gutters. Stagnated water means that soffit and fascia boards will absorb water and commence to rot. If the gutter is blocked, water will accumulate in it forming heavy beams of

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Have An Innovative Swimming Pool

CNTContractors/ March 11, 2014/ Home Makeover & Maintainance

Many people love to have a swimming pool within their premises. Taking a dip in the cool waters after a long tiresome day can indeed be very refreshing. Also in the warm summer months it’s really a pleasurable experience to swim in the cool waters and beat the heat. If you have your personal swimming pool, you can enjoy along

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